The following probate sales will be conducted at each property site on the day of the auction. Each bidder must register with the auctioneer the day of the Auction and the high bidder will be required to deposit 10% of the amount of their bid as follows: the first $10,000 in the form of cashier’s check payable to Kennedy Wilson; balance of the 10% deposit may be in the form of a personal check. (A $10,000 deposit, in the form of a cashier’s check, is required for all sales including those sales with a purchase price of less than $50,000.   


October 18th, 2019
STATUS: Active

The following probate sales are now "Subject to Court Confirmation" and Overbid at the Court Hearing. If interested, overbidders must pre-register prior to the court confirmation hearing in order to overbid, and provide verification of funds. Please register to overbid by emailing your verification of funds to [email protected] 

You are required to BRING A CASHIER'S CHECK IN THE AMOUNT OF 10% OF THE 1ST MINIMUM OVERBID, MADE PAYABLE TO THE SPECIFIC "ESTATE NAME" OF THE PROPERTY IN WHICH YOU ARE INTERESTED IN OVERBIDDING ON AT THE COURT HEARING. In addition, if there are any overbids in excess of the 1st bid, you must provide a personal or business check for the balance of the required 10% deposit. The first minimum overbid amounts are listed below. Property is offered "as-is". No financing contingencies. No Sale prior to court date. All other Terms and Conditions will still apply. CASH SALE.